Kelly Fidei

I'm an agile and leadership coach who helps people discover the best of themselves, then to hold themselves accountable to that. I coach talented people who are ready to grow!

Adarsh Mehrotra on DevOps, Blockchain and DevSecOps for Agile Sustainability


In this episode I interviewed Adarsh Mehrotra, Industry Principal at Infosys. He leads the DevOps practice in the Enterprise Quality Systems group.… Read the rest

Becoming a Scrum Product Owner When the Business Doesn’t Want to Play


Today I talked with Sebastian Hellmann, who is an agile Product Owner. He brings lots of experience in IT, but only recently began the transition over to agile, initially as a Product Owner.… Read the rest

A Conversation with Agile Coach Ashish Chandra: Meditation and Emotional Intelligence for Agile Transformation Agents (with a bonus on cutting your own hair)

This episode, I talked with my awesome colleague, Ashish Chandra, who is an agile coach with Enterprise Quality Services at Infosys.… Read the rest

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